Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka: July 2018 – Mandy Moore

This Is Us star Mandy Moore is featured in the July 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka.

From the digital issue:

With the megabit drama This Is Us, Mandy Moore has firmly shed her pop-princess vibe to embrace a bolder, ballsier attitude.

Marriage is a major theme of the show. What was your own parents’ union like?

“They were high school sweethearts married for 30 years. It was hard to imagine one without the other, so their breakup was a tough blow, even when I was in my 20s.”

It is true you met your fiance on Instagram?

“I heard Taylor’s music on iTunes. I saw that his band had a new album coming out, and I posted it on Instagram that it was going to be my record of the summer. He wrote me a thank-you email and said I should come to a concert. We had the most epic three-hour first date.”

Biggest misconception about yourself?

“People assume I’m polite and sometimes that gets mistaken for being weak or a pushover. No way! Also, I’m not short – I’m 5’10”

This Is Us returns with new episodes in the Fall on NBC.

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Photography: Eric Ray Davidson / Fashion Editor: Aya Kanai / Hair: Ashley Streicher / Makeup: Jenn Streicher / Manicure: Stephanie Stone


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