Regard Magazine: June 2018 – Lela Loren

Power star Lela Loren is featured in the June 2018 issue of Regard Magazine.

From the digital issue:

The success of Power is phenomenal. How have you appreciated the development of Angela’s character throughout the seasons?

“Throughout the seasons, no matter what happens she’s completely unable to stop loving Jamie. She tries to stamp it out, but fails continually. This gives such a human, vulnerable, even childish counterpoint to her slick professionalism. Playing that contradiction is incredibly rewarding.”

There’s always been this back and forth tug of war between Angela and Ghost (Omari Hardwick). Despite some decisions, Angela is a strong woman that’s not afraid to fail. How do you think that translates to the audience?

“Though strong and intelligent, Angela is a character who doesn’t play by the narrow rules of society and morality. The power of Angela’s character is that whether you love her or hate her, she completely engages you.”

What can you share with us about Angela, her relationships and the rest of the cast for season two?

“It’s a season of ‘strange bed fellows.’ I’ll leave it at that.”

The season premiere of Power airs Sunday, July 1st on Starz.

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Photography: Dimitry Loiseau / Styling: Stephanie Amelie / Hair & Makeup: Valerie Noble / Location: Seventy 7 Lounge, Studio City LA


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