InStyle Magazine: June 2018 – Sarah Paulson

American Horror Story and American Crime Story star Sarah Paulson is featured in the June 2018 issue of InStyle Magazine.

From the digital issue:

Sarah Paulson is a shape-shifter, the kind of actress who’s always the most interesting thing onscreen. And finally, after she’s hustled for decades, the roles are starting to come to her. “I like to go into an audition room, particularly when they think I’m not right for a part, and really fight for it. There’s something so exciting and challenging about proving to yourself that you can pull it off,” she says.

Now, that Paulson has figured out exactly who she is, she’s focused on making it count. “All I want is to be able to do this when I’m 80,” she says. “And the only way to ensure that happens is that I continue to do good work.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography: Alexander Neumann / Hair: John Ruggiero / Makeup: Molly R. Stern / Manicure: Betina Goldstein


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