NKD Magazine: June 2018 – Eliza Taylor

The 100 star Eliza Taylor is featured in the June 2018 issue of NKD Magazine.

From the digital issue:

Eliza Taylor was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and spent her childhood, “playing make believe.” When she was 11 she joined a drama class. She acted throughout her adolescence before booking a three-year stint on Aussie soap opera Neighbours. She moved to London at 17 and returned to Australia a few years later. “I ended up bartending for two or three years,” she said. With encouragement of her manager at the time, Eliza booked a flight to L.A. and within two month had booked The 100.

When she’s not filming or traveling, she focuses on philanthropic avenues. She started a campaign to raise money to build a school in Koh Tao which is an island apart of Thailand. The campaign raise over $150,000 and was inspired by her God children who live on the island.

While season 5 is still airing, Eliza herself is enjoying some downtime. “There are so many amazing people who will come up to me and say that our show go them through chemo or that they came out to their parents because of my character,” Eliza says. “And that to me is so amazing.”

The 100 is already picked up for a sixth season and will return in 2019. “A lot of time I’ll get home, I’ll shower, and there’s still dirt on me that won’t come off, and I just have to sleep in it,” she laughs. “To be clean would be a treat.”

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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Photography: Catherine Powell / Styling: Aubrey Brianne / Styling Assistant: Desiree Coles


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