Modeliste Magazine: June 2018 – Lucy Hale

Life Sentence star Lucy Hale is featured in the June 2018 issue of Modeliste Magazine.

In the issue:

Lucy Hale is a force of nature. Stunning us with her radiant beauty, effortlessly chic style and girl-next-door Southern sweetness infused with a touch of souped-up girl power, Lucy is the idol of so many of Pretty Little Liars obsessed fans around the world. Our June Cover Star, opens up in a candid interview on the set of our shoot in Malibu. It’s no wonder why we all love Lucy.

Modeliste:  In 2009, you got cast as Aria in Pretty Little Liars. What are some of your favorite memories looking back now at all the past seasons?

Lucy Hale:  “That whole experience was truly a dream come true because it’s not often that a TV show stays on for that long. That show became a phenomenon. I’m constantly shocked at the response that we still get when I travel internationally. Just the success it’s had everywhere has just been really awesome.”

Modeliste:  What was the last day of filming like?

Lucy Hale:  “Last day of filming was the wedding scene between Ezra and Aria. So, it was cool to wrap up the show in that way but it was such an emotional day. I remember everyone from the crew to the producers to the cast, was just crying all day.”


Modeliste:  You also recently died your hair blonde! What inspired you to make the change and are you loving it?

Lucy Hale:  “I am a blondie right now, which is very fun. I’ve been a brunette for so long that I thought with summer coming up,  it would just be fun to switch it up for a little bit. Who knows though, next week, it could be a different color.”

Life Sentence airs Fridays on the CW.

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Photography: Mike Rosenthal / Styling: Alyssa Sutter / Hair: Bridget Brager / Makeup: Allan Avendaño / Manicure: Thuy Nguyen


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