Cosmopolitan Australia: June 2018 – Hilary Duff

Younger star Hilary Duff is featured in the June 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Australia.

From the digital issue:

Enter Cosmo‘s June cover girl, Hilary Duff, who is the total down-to-earth badass babe I knew she’d be. These days, she’s balancing being a single mom to her son Luca, 6 and her role as sassy Kelsey on Younger. “I try to be as authentic as I can on social media about my life,” she says. “I pride myself on being healthy and taking care of my body.”

What’s your take on women being able to have it all?

“Women are incredibly strong and resilient. It’s hard to say that you can truly have it all, and it’s different for everyone. I think you can to a certain degree, but it’s tough.”

What do you think you’ll do differently in your 30s compared to your 20s?

“Everyone says you feel more secure in your 30s, so I’m looking forward to feeling that and sweating the small stuff less.”

The Younger cast look like a tight bunch, how much do you guys see each other off set?

“The entire cast of the show is incredible. We’re constantly laughing when we’re together. There are plenty of 14-15 hours days of filming so we spend a lot of time together.”

Younger returns with new episodes June 5th on TV Land.

Cosmo Aus.png

Photography: Frankie Batista


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