Monarch Magazine: Spring 2018 – Logan Browning

Dear White People star Logan Browning is featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Monarch Magazine.

In the issue:

Sweet, intelligent, passionate, beautiful—her name is Logan Browning. Browning stars in the Netflix Original Series Dear White People as the lead role of Sam, based on the 2014 feature film of the same name. She’s also a series regular on the BET-scripted series Hit The Floor. Additionally, she signed on to star alongside Allison Williams (Get Out) in a horror thriller film due out later this year called The Perfection. We caught up with the busy actress and activist to talk about her experiences in Hollywood.

Monarch Magazine: You began your journey at a young age. What initially gave you the notion that acting was the career you wanted?

Logan Browning: “I used to watch the Disney channel and I loved it! Raven Simone and Tia and Tamera were always in my living room and became my friends. They were my role models without even trying to be. I thought that I could be that too. I was pretty sure that would be me. I wanted to be a Disney kid. That was my goal at a really young age.”

Monarch Magazine: How did you get involved with Dear White People?

Logan Browning: “I got the audition for Dear White People and remember being so excited about it and wanting it. When I really want something, there are few things that can get in my way, because I push myself to get it.”

Monarch Magazine: Sam is such a strong character. Would you say you relate to her in any way?

Logan Browning: “I think the one thing that people expect of me when they meet me is that I am also a strong activist, which I love. It makes me feel that I have a responsibility to be a voice.”

Monarch Magazine: Not that you don’t have enough on your plate, but I’m curious about what else you would like to tackle?

Logan Browning: “Directing is next on my list of things to do. On a smaller scale of course, so that I can really hone my skills. I would love to do another feature; they are really so much fun. The commitment is… you do it and it’s done and you get to move on to the next thing.”

Season 2 of Dear White People is now streaming on Netflix.

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Photography: Monarch Magazine


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