EBONY Magazine: April/May 2018 – Gabrielle Union

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union is featured in the April/May 2018 issue of EBONY Magazine.

From the digital issue:

Today Gabrielle Union is an actress who just completed a four-hour photo shoot for EBONY, in the Hollywood Hills. At 45, the actress who looks no older than she did 15 years ago, is an executive producer, author, and designer (of the Gabrielle Union Collection at New York & Company).

Being Mary Jane will conclude its four-year run with a two-hour movie scheduled to air in the Fall. The star wouldn’t reveal any plot twists but confirmed that Morris Chesnut will be in the mix.

“By the end, we had done so many stories and shooting the way we had to shoot, two episodes at a time, seven to ten pages every day,” Union says. “It makes the process not the most enjoyable because you don’t feel like you were able to kill it in the way that other hourlong dramas are able to kill it. It’s a process that became a little too painful.”

Union is in it to win it. She’s not going to stop until she can amass enough power to hire her friends and create content that everyone can enjoy. “It’s not all going to be blockbusters, but I’ll produce things that will, hopefully, resonate with a lot of different people. I’m going to take advantage of this Wakanda moment!”

Being Mary Jane returns this year with a two-hour series finale movie.

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Photography: Nino Muñoz / Styling: Thomas Christos Kikis / Makeup: Fiona Stiles / Hair: Larry Sims


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