Esquire USA: Spring & Summer Style 2018 – Jon Hamm

Mad Men alum Jon Hamm is featured in the Spring & Summer 2018 special issue of Esquire USA.

In the issue:

Make no mistake: At his worst, Jon Hamm, 47, is still more handsome than most of us on our best days. Dark hair, green eyes, geometrically perfect jawline, winning smile. (His very first acting credit was “Gorgeous Guy at Bar” on Ally McBeal in 1997.)

Regarding his own breaking point in 2015—rehab; his relationship with both Jennifer Westfeldt and Mad Men over—all Hamm will say is “I had a lot of shifts in my life. A lot of rearranging of priorities. I don’t think it was conscious, but it was necessary. It was tricky, and the dust is still settling in many ways.” He isn’t prepared to go into detail about such personal and painful moments and how they changed him, save for some platitudes—“Good, bad, indifferent: It’s ephemeral. So sit in it for a minute and experience it. If it sucks, it too will be gone in a minute.” The man who’s made a living by hinting at the troubled inner lives beneath his characters’ poised surfaces says he’s a big believer in the idea that “the unexamined life isn’t worth living.” He just doesn’t want to go full Socrates right now. Not here. Not with a journalist. Not over bacon and eggs. “I think having a private life that you only share with your nearest and dearest is important,” he says as he picks up the check. “Otherwise, who are you?”

His new series Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime in 2019.

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Photography: Marc Hom / Styling: Matthew Marden


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