ELLE South Africa: April 2018 – Gabrielle Union

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union is featured in the April 2018 issue of Elle South Africa.

From the digital issue:

Actress, producer, and activist Gabrielle Union is also a full-time warrior.

On being her true self: “When I spoke in my most authentic voice, I got what I wanted. I got what I deserved,” she says. “I’m 45. I think I’ve been in this business 22 years using a dumb voice that I thought was helping me. But I wonder how my career could have been different if I had let that real voice out.”

On fashion and style: “When it came to my style, I was dressing to be ‘good enough’ but not so weird that I would be flagged as, ‘when bad clothes happen to good people.'”

On her impressing others: “I don’t believe anyone should put themselves in a financial bind to be something for other people who don’t care about them. Your barometer should be ‘Don’t try to impress people who wouldn’t give you a kidney.'”

Being Mary Jane returns this year with a two-hour series finale movie.

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Photography: Nino Muñoz / Styling: Sarah Schussheim / Hair: Larry Sims / Makeup: Fiona Stiles / Manicure: Stephanie Stone


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