Better Homes & Gardens: February 2018 – Hilary Duff

Younger star Hilary Duff is featured in the February 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Duff gives the magazine a tour of her L.A. home.

In the issue:

Hilary Duff is a busy working mother: In addition to reprising her lead role in TV Land’s bingeable dramedy Younger, she is also an author, musician, and personal driver to her 5-year-old son, Luca. But that hasn’t stopped her from getting lost on Pinterest for  hours like the rest of us. “I live on it,” she says, with a generous laugh. “I make boards all day.”

In an unexpected move, Hilary Duff, holding  her Yorkie, Jak, painted the front door of  her California home dusty rose, surprising even herself. “I’ve  never seen myself as girlie, and I don’t own much pink, even though I love it,” she says. The color softens  the dark facade.

Hilary’s design eye is drawn to vibrant, showstopping patterns. When she recently gave her Los Angeles house a facelift, she wasn’t shy about featuring them center stage. She covered a wall in the kitchen with oversize zigzag-pattern tiles and repeated them on a dining counter on the back patio.

Consequently, each room’s quirky decor works together so the whole house flows and feels high-spirited. Whenever Hilary gets seduced by an object’s shape, color, or vibe, she gets in touch with her practical side. “This house is a sanctuary for me and Luca, so I always shop with him in mind,” she says. “He’s respectful of our belongings, but I want him to be able to roughhouse and do other kid things here.”

“This house is so versatile; it allows us to open up all the doors and have fun,” says Hilary. In the entry hall, a cluster of eclectic furnishings—an intricate midcentury credenza, Gothic spool chair, and oversize mirror framed in leather and tiger maple bands—makes a striking first impression.

Younger returns with new episodes later this year.

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Photography: Justin Coit


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