Shape Magazine: November 2017 – Kristen Bell

The Good Place star Kristen Bell is featured in the November 2017 issue of Shape Magazine.

In the issue:

Kristen Bell is a champion multitasker. During this interview, for instance, the actress and mom of two is talking on the phone, eating granola, and driving home after a busy day of filming her NBC comedy, The Good Place. Simultaneously, Kristen is planning out the rest of the day in her head, including a wardrobe fitting, picking up her kids from school, and making dinner, among a thousand other things. She squeezes in exercise the same way: “At work, while I’m running through lines with my fellow actors, I’ll be leaning backward on a chair doing triceps dips,” says Kristen, 37. “At home, when my kids and I are on a walk, and they’re meandering and looking at leaves, I’ll do lunges. I get it in however and whenever I can.”

Embrace the microburst

“I need fast workouts. I don’t have an hour and a half—I have 25 minutes, max. So I incorporate sprints into my routine. I sprint up my driveway, walk back, repeat. I do it 10 or 15 times. The whole thing takes me maybe 15 minutes. It’s fantastic for your heart, brain, and body. And sprinting makes me feel really strong.”

Level up your nutritional know-how

“My best healthy habit is knowing how to read a nutrition label. Some people look at what the carbs are and that’s all they think about. Others check to see what the sugar is. And some people just zero in on the protein. I try to balance everything. Does an avocado have a ton of fat in it? Yes, but it’s healthy fat, so have an avocado with sea salt. Same thing with fruit. I pay attention to a food’s nutritional value and then balance my diet really well.”

Beauty is worth the effort

“I never go to bed with makeup on. I double-cleanse at night and use a wipe before I wash my face. I like the natural wipes from Neutrogena and their pore-clarifying cleanser, which I use with my Clarisonic. Oh, here’s another good tip: I always thought that sleeping on a silk pillowcase was just a bill of goods. It is not. I have fewer flyaways and split ends. It’s awesome. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, and I guarantee you’ll notice the difference.”

Photography: James Macari

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The Good Place airs 8:30/7:30c on NBC.


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