InStyle Magazine: November 2017 – Chrissy Teigen

Lip Sync Battle star Chrissy Teigen is featured in the November 2017 issue of InStyle Magazine.

In the issue:

Chrissy Teigen doesn’t hold back.

If you’re one of the 22 million people who follow the model-turned-mogul on Twitter or Instagram, chances are you know this already. Teigen’s goofy, witty, and occasionally raunchy revelations—on topics ranging from her rogue bikini line to the time she hangover-vomited into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos—are like an online master class in keeping it real, circa 2017.

Late last year Teigen temporarily made her Twitter account private “for my mental health,” she says. The platform’s unavoidable mean streak just became “too much to handle. I really do understand why some people never post anything, ever.” Though many people interpret Teigen’s irreverence as a sure sign of fearlessness, she recognizes that it’s also a classic defense mechanism. Often, she says, “it stops people from coming at me. If you share everything and make fun of yourself, then other people won’t make the joke, because you’ve already made it.”

One of the rare pieces of news that Teigen initially kept to herself was her battle with postpartum depression. At first she didn’t fully understand the condition and didn’t think she had a right to experience it, let alone discuss it, given that Luna was healthy and happy and their circumstances were as privileged as could be. “I thought I was just being a selfish a—hole,” Teigen says. But when it reached the point that she was spending her days on the sofa with the curtains closed, rubbing her painful joints, a doctor finally made the diagnosis.

“It wasn’t just a mental thing of, you know, ‘I’m sad,’ ” she says. “I actually couldn’t move.” After she figured out the right type and dosage of medication, things got much better, but Teigen still feels different from how she did before pregnancy, and she’s prepared to feel worse again if she has another baby. “I have really good days and really bad days, and I don’t tend to talk about the really bad days,” she says. “But I would hate for people to think those days didn’t exist.”

Lip Sync Battle returns with new episode January 18, 2018 on Spike.

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Photo Credit: Carter Smith


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