Entertainment Weekly: Oct. 20/27 2017 – ‘Supernatural’ Season 3 Secrets

Entertainment Weekly’s October 20-27, 2017 issue features secrets from the new season of Supernatural with four collector’s covers.

In the issue:

When The CW gave Supernatural an early renewal for its 13th season, the show easily could’ve kicked back and taken some time to relax. Instead, the writers plan to kick things up a notch this year: Altogether, season 13 will test the waters for a potential spin-off, fulfill a long-held dream of an animated episode, and introduce a new central player when Lucifer’s son, Jack (series regular Alexander Calvert), moves in with the Winchesters. “The big thing with us is: How do we keep it fresh?” co-showrunner Robert Singer says. “We just felt there’s so much opportunity with Jack. It’s a big swing again, but somehow we always manage to keep the show grounded in its own reality.” They do that by never losing sight of the central story: Sam and Dean and their very human experiences dealing in a business of nonhumans. “At the end of the day, the show is really about these two guys and how great they are together,” Singer says. “They’re the lifeblood of the show.”

That’s why it might surprise some fans that this season will see Jack hitting the road with the boys, which begs the question: If driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole, what does the Nephilim in the back seat do? “Last season was about the guys being kids, and this season is about being parents, to a degree,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb says. “To have [Sam and Dean] confronted by this kid who is at once scary and charming gives us a chance to show a different side of the guys, and that’s always a great thing, especially 13 seasons in. If Dean had a kid, what would that look like? If Sam had a kid, what would that look like? The joke is that it’s My Two Dads, Hell Edition.” But considering that Jack isn’t your typical kid, getting him acclimated to the world is about more than just teaching him how to use Netflix (though Padalecki says that will happen). “[Jack is] really struggling to understand himself,” Alexander Calvert says. “There’s definitely a loneliness.”

In other words, fans can prepare for laughter and tears in season 13, but when EW gathered stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins for the cover shoot of our latest Untold Stories issue, it was all about the former. Altogether, there are four covers to choose from: The group shot will go to subscribers and hit newsstands Friday, with the three single covers being made available exclusively at Barnes & Noble beginning Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Supernatural premieres October 12th at 8/7c on the CW.

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Photography: Finlay Mackay for Entertainment Weekly


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