IN New York: July 2017 – Keri Russell

The Americans star Keri Russell is featured in the July 2017 issue of IN New York.

From the digital issue:

Keri Russell helps create one of TV’s tensest and most exciting dramas, The Americans from her own Brooklyn neighborhood.

As a longtime Brooklyn Heights resident, Russell finds the location shooting a particular treat. “I love the neighborhood aspect of Brooklyn,” says the 41-year-old beauty. “And none of my friends live in the city anymore, they’re all in Brooklyn too.”

She lives with Matthew Rhys her costar on The Americans, their 1-year-old son, Sam, and her children River, 10 and Willa, 5 from her marriage to craftsman Shane Deary. When she’s not working on The Americans, she can be seen strolling the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan with Rhys and their children. “Of the two-of-us, I naturally am the more private one,” Russell says. “I don’t really want to be any more famous than I am right now.”

Photo Credit: IN New York


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