Fit Pregnancy and Baby: July 2017 – Lauren Conrad

The Hills alum Lauren Conrad is featured in the July 2017 issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

In the issue:

Since she first appeared on TV at age 18, Lauren Conrad has lived life in the open. Now she dishes on who nudged her about motherhood, how expecting has inspired her, and why she’s thrilled to welcome a son.

Eager grandparents

“Our parents did pressure us for grandkids, in an emotionally playful but persistent way. They would team up on us, which could get intense. My parents were young when they had babies—they had me at 25—and they loved it, so they encouraged us to do it sooner rather than later.”



Sweetest advice from her doc

“Early in my pregnancy I was nauseous all day and having difficulty putting on weight, which was funny because I’ve never had that issue in my entire life! My mom told me to start drinking milkshakes and my doctor said to go for it—to have a daily milkshake.”


Coworkers on the bump watch

“A maternity line has always been a possibility at Kohl’s. In meetings with the team there, I would make fun of them for listing it on memos, ‘pending LC status.’ I was like, ‘Guys, you have to stop!’ Of course now I’m grateful that Kohl’s is excited. After I had tried shopping for maternity clothes myself and then was ready to design my own, they said, ‘Great!’


Boss moves

“I’m running my own businesses, so it’s difficult to give myself maternity leave. But I’ve put things into place so I’ll be able to spend time recuperating and adjusting after I give birth. I made a big effort over the last two years to build a team that I trust, knowing my end goal was to be a mother. I’ve gotten to the place where I feel confident that I can step away for a minute and everyone will be able to carry on.”


Love for her little

“I’m thrilled to be having a boy. I really wanted a boy. My husband kept saying, ‘We just want a healthy baby.’ And I’d say, ‘But a boy would be nice!’ I was a wild little tomboy, so I think I understand boys. My mom always told me that nobody loves you like a son does, especially when he’s young.”

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Photography: Brian Bowen Smith


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