Real Style Canada: Summer 2017 – Katheryn Winnick

Vikings star Katheryn Winnick is featured in the Summer 2017 issue of Real Style Canada.

From the digital issue:

We first met Katheryn Winnick three years ago, when the Canadian beauty graced our Spring 2014 cover and Vikings was fairly new to the small screen. The real life Winnick is a force to be reckoned with, with a strong spirit and passion for her craft. The star spoke to Real Style about her Vikings journey, working with Matthew McConaughey and what’s next.

Real Style: It’s three years later and Vikings is massive. How has that changed your life?

Katheryn Winnick: “It’s been incredible. It’s overwhelming just to see the worldwide attention from the different cultures and the different types of people around the world who are fans of the show.”

RS: You’ve got this new movie The Dark Tower coming up. How excited are you and that?

KW: “I’ve been a Stephen King fan for ages. It’s nice to see one of his famous books in a movie format. It was my second time working with Matthew McConaughey and he couldn’t be more of a genuine and personable man and actor.”

RS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

KW: “Hopefully doing more of what I love to do, which is working with incredible filmmakers and actors. There’s nothing more exciting than trying something new, in a different era, a different time period, a different persona. That’s why I became an actor.”

Season five of Vikings is coming soon on History Channel.

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Photography: Madgalena Niziol / Stylist: Davis Carrasquillo / Hair: Takashi Yusa / Makeup: Mary Irwin / Nails: Elizabeth Garcia


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