Preview: ‘Jane the Virgin’ season 3 episode 13 “Chapter Fifty-Seven”

A new episode of Jane the Virgin airs Monday, February 27th and we’ve got a preview.

The episode is called “Chapter Fifty-Seven” and here’s the synopsis via TV Guide:

Jane missteps at Mateo’s school, so Petra suggests she redeem herself at a school fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Jane has her first meeting with her editor; Rafael is unsure about moving in with his girlfriend; and Rogelio is sued for quitting his reality show.

Here’s a preview:

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on the CW.



One thought on “Preview: ‘Jane the Virgin’ season 3 episode 13 “Chapter Fifty-Seven”

  1. I hope they don’t make Rafael bad because that will ruined the show. Jane and Rafael are the main carrecters on the show. I would love to see them in love again I love their chemistry I think that Michael is not dead he will be back to bring problems for Jane and Rafael. That will be a major twist and the fans love that. Please already xo with Bruce no chemistry. I think that Rogelio deserves better then xo she treats him bad all the time.

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