Runner’s World Magazine: November 2016 – Kevin Hart

The Real Husbands of Hollywood star Kevin Hart is featured in the November 2016 issue of Runner’s World.

From the digital issue:

Kevin Hart completed his first 5K marathon 17 months ago. Since then he’s partnered with Nike to put up spontaneous runs around the world from Portland to Washington, to Sydney in an initiative dubbed ‘Move with Hart.’ “I want to bridge the gap between what we consider a pro athlete and that person that doesn’t consider themselves to be an athlete at all,” he says. “I am not an athlete.” He’s just like any new runner–he worries about nutrition, usually starts out way too fast.

Hart isn’t sure where his running career will go. “You never know with me. That’s the beauty of being Kevin Hart. I am the most random, spontaneous individual you will ever meet. Ever. I believe that within this life I should try and do as much as I can while I can.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Credit: Art Streiber for Runner’s World


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