Fit Pregnancy and Baby: November 2016 – Savannah Guthrie

The Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie is featured in the November 2016 issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby Magazine.

In the issue:

Her Twitter bio ranks her gigs in order of importance: Today show coanchor is listed second. NBC News chief legal correspondent is third. In the top spot? Savannah Guthrie’s lowest-profile but most meaningful job: “Mumsy to Vale and BabyBoy ???” Vale is her 2-year-old daughter with husband Michael Feldman, a political consultant, and the triple question marks refer to their second child, who is due next month. In her sunny office in New York’s Rockefeller Center, amidst family photos, Guthrie, 44, sat down with Fit Pregnancy and Baby to share her secrets for finding energy, staying strong, and smiling through the stress that comes with being one busy mama.

Does being a mom always come first for you?

“It does, and when I wrote my Twitter profile, I deliberately listed it first to remind myself that being a mom is the most important part of my identity. It’s my life’s work. Of course, if it’s 7:02 a.m. and I’m about to interview one of the presidential candidates, I’m not thinking at that very moment, ‘How did Vale sleep?’ But at 7:05, when that interview is done, I can assure you that I’m texting my husband: ‘What time did she get up this morning? Is she happy?’ I also FaceTime her during the commercials on set. She’s always at the center of my heart.”

Did you always know you wanted to have two kids?

“I came to motherhood so late in life. When I got pregnant with Vale, I won’t say I’d given up hope, but I didn’t let myself think about how sad I would be if it never worked out. So when Vale came along, I was overjoyed. And to this day, if it was only Vale, it would not be ‘just Vale.’ She is beyond every dream, the icing on the cake, plus the gold medal, plus everything. But at the same time, I wanted to try to give her somebody to do life with.”

How has your second pregnancy felt different from your first?

“With Vale, I was obsessed with those videos that compare your baby to produce. ‘This week your fetus is as big as a spaghetti squash.’ I don’t even know what a spaghetti squash looks like! Now, I don’t have time to obsess because I’m chasing a 2-year-old. The only thing I do think about more is losing the baby weight. I gained 35 to 40 pounds with Vale, and I’m right on target to do that again. So I try to be a little more disciplined about my exercise and ice-cream intake.”

What does that mean?

“Sometimes I don’t exercise at all, because I’m too lazy. Other times, I want to exercise all the time—and by that I mean twice a week. I do some low-impact aerobics and my prenatal yoga. I eat pretty well throughout the week, but everything goes off the rails on the weekends. Dessert is a signature weak point for me. I miss my glass or two of wine, and ice cream is what’s left, so that’s what I have.”

Your due date is next month. What’s your birth plan?

“I had a low-lying placenta with Vale, so about nine days before my due date, my doctor recommended a C-section. The whole experience was just fantastic. Afterward, I was high on life—and probably a couple of painkillers. This time, when I said, ‘Do you think I’ll have a C-section again?’ the doctor said, ‘Let’s talk about it when it gets closer.’ And I like that about my doctor. He’s real chill. If I need a C-section, I’ll be totally okay with that. And if I have this baby the old-fashioned way, that’s cool too.”

How is your husband in the delivery room?

“Mike’s great. First of all, he does crisis communications for a living. He is temperamentally suited to being a dad. Also, he’s the son of an ob-gyn. His entire life, the phone was ringing in the middle of dinner with women in labor on the line, so he is totally suited to speaking in a calm voice and understanding everything about childbirth.”

Do you have a name chosen?

“We have a name in mind but we’re not committing. We are big believers in looking at the baby to see if the name fits. With Vale, we thought we were having a boy, though we did have a girl’s name too. When we saw her, we were like, ‘That’s not her name. She’s too pretty for that name.’ It was a boyish name. We had never planned on Vale, that’s just a name I had always liked. There in the hospital I said, ‘For the next hour, let’s pretend her name is Vale and we’ll try it on for size.’ And we loved it. It fit her. She was serene.”

The Today Show airs weekdays on NBC.

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Photo Credit: Justin Coit for Fit Pregnancy and Baby


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