Outside Magazine: November 2016 – ‘Vikings’ star Travis Fimmel

Vikings star Travis Fimmel is featured in the November 2016 issue of Outside Magazine.

From the digital issue:

Travis Fimmel, 37 who was raised on a dairy farm in Echuca, Australia. He grew up working on his family’s cherry orchards, camping and fishing with his two older brothers. He came to LA when he was 21 after being scouted by a modelling agency and dropping out of architecture school. Almost immediately, he was stopping traffic on billboards modelling Calvin Klein underwear.

According to Fimmel, his worldly possessions are Wanker, his 15-year-old chestnut quarter horse, the Craigslist trailer and a red 1982 GMC stepside pickup. Fimmel only recently upgraded from a flip phone to an iPhone 4, does no social media and rarely checks his email. “I’m always getting texts asking why I’m not responding on Instagram or Facebook and I’m like, ‘It’s not me. You’re writing to some stranger.”

He eats what he wants, works out only when he’s forced to and does his drinking at the local VFW hall. “I wish you could make money and people never saw what you did,” he says. “Then you could relax and not care about how bad you are.”

Vikings returns in 2017 on History Channel.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Lipsky for Outside Magazine


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