Ajoure International Magazine: October 2016 – ‘Scream’ starlet Carlson Young

Scream starlet Carlson Young is featured in the October 2016 issue of Ajoure International Magazine.

From the digital magazine:

In Scream, you play Brooke Maddox. What was it about this role that appealed to you?

“I thought Brooke was a vert fun character to play from the start. She has many dark secrets and she’s a complicated girl.”

What’s been the best part of working on this show?

“It’s an exciting show. It definitely keeps you on your toes. The best part of working on Scream is the amazing cast, who are all close friends on mine now.”

Not long ago you go engaged, what plans do you have for the wedding so far?

“Lots to plan, but we have given ourselves a fair amount of time as the wedding is April 2017. It’s going to be very beautiful.”

Scream returns with new episodes in 2017.

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Photo Credit: Ajoure International Magazine


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