Vegas Magazine: Fall 2016 – Gordon Ramsay

Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay is featured in the Late Fall 2016 issue of Vegas Magazine.

In the issue:

Gordon Ramsay’s accomplishments read like a conqueror intent on world domination. Known as Flash (as in Flash Gordon) during his stint in professional football, he now keeps fit training for Ironman triathlons and ultra-marathons. The first Scottish chef to be awarded a Michelin star, he went on to collect an additional five. His growing restaurant portfolio includes 30 places across the globe, and a newly minted three-title publishing deal brings his book total to 30. He is the executive producer and star of five hit shows on Fox and recently started a solely-owned production company, Studio Gordon Ramsay. An officer of the Order of the British Empire, he ties with Beyoncé for earnings on the Forbes Celebrity 100. Now he’s turned his intense focus on Vegas with his fourth restaurant here, Fish & Chips, opening on the Linq Promenade in October. Watch your back, Houses Flay, Puck, and Robuchon. House Ramsay is ready to claim the crown.

Before you opened your restaurants in Las Vegas, what kind of on-the-ground research did you do in town?
“I went low-key, cap-on and started having a look at the food scene. Wolfgang was prominent, Ducasse was just on the verge of opening Mix—so there was a lot of excitement happening in the early 2000s. I did about six trips in and out and was highly impressed every time.”

What can we expect from Fish & Chips?
“A little bit of cool Britannia, a bit of nostalgia—I’ve been dying to do it. It’s a grab-and-go fish and chip shop. In the UK we call them chippies. The first treat we ever had, you know with mum and dad, was a fish supper and it was just fish and chips. We never had the money to have our own so we had to share with our siblings. That was a huge treat. I am excited in general, but I’ve never been this excited!”

People who work with you say lovely things. Yet, on camera you are ferocious. Are you playing to the camera a wee bit?
“That jacket goes on and I become a different beast because it’s about standards and I want to be remembered for that. So am I hamming it up for the camera because I think it looks good? Far from it. It’s real. So that level of passion gets misconstrued for anger. I’m live, it’s just the way I am.”

You have reached the upper echelon of the culinary and media worlds, raise loads for charity, and are a family man. What do you want the Gordon Ramsay legacy to be?
“My legacy would be just like my mum taught me: It’s important to share and keep both feet firmly on the ground. Continue with that and I think I’ll be in business a long time.”

Hell’s Kitchen airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.


Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Caesar’s Palace


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