SFX Magazine: October 2016 – Preview of Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’

SFX Magazine‘s October 2016 preview of Netflix’s new series Luke Cage star Mike Colter.

From the digital issue:

We met the Luke Cage in the form of Mike Colter in the first season of Jessica Jones. His solo show relocated him from Hell’s Kitchen to Harlem. He’s a fugitive now, keeping his profile low, working shits in a neighborhood barber’s. The run of 13 episodes teases out his untold origin, revealing the truth of the unlawful prison experiment that gave him phenomenal strength and bulletproof flesh. Unlike the mercenary of the comic books, this Cage is yet to monetise his powers.

“When you think about Luke, when you think about a hero for hire, that’s what makes Luke different than almost any other superhero,” says Cheo Hodari Coker, executive producer and showrunner. “I just can’t wait for you guys to see the show.”

Luke Cage streams via Netflix beginning September 30.

SFX Magazine October 2016 - Preview of Netflix's 'Luke Cage'

Photo Credit: SFX Magazine


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