Recap: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2 episode 22 “Deja Vu”

New York City – 1854

Rebecca Reynolds saves a beast named Alistair who was being hunted. Basically Alistair is being framed by another beast (sounds familiar).

Present Time

Cat wakes up from her dream at her apartment. She tells Vincent that Rebecca describes a similar situation in her journal that they are going through with Gabe. Cat’s worried about why Rebecca killed Alistair. J.T. tells them that Gabe took Windsor’s serum and he’s an even more powerful. They learn that Beth was killed, and Vincent knows it was Gabe who did it.

Meanwhile, Cat overhears Gabe killing Knox. Vincent’s tired of Gabe killing innocent people. J.T. figures out that Gabe is stronger than Vincent and will end up killing him too.

Cat seeks advice from her dad in jail. He says Alistair was a good person too just like Vincent but there’s a point of no return for beasts. He suggests to trap Gabe and keep Vincent away from him.

New York City – 1854

Alistair’s not strong enough to fight the beast who attacks him.

Present Time

Gabe tracks down Vincent. He says he turned into a beast to protect Cat from Vincent. J.T. and Tess arrive and tranqed Vincent before he finds Gabe.

J.T. will start building a case against Gabe. They will use Vincent’s blood to lure Gabe.

New York City – 1854

Alistair’s blood is found after he was beat up by another beast. Rebecca takes care of his injuries and figures she’ll kill the other beast herself. She locks up Alistair, leaves the gem and flees.

Present Time

Cat takes the gem, Tess takes Vincent’s blood samples. Cat tells Vincent she has a plan and locks him up.

Captain Ward and the SWAT team are ready to capture Gabe. He tells Tess that she gives him Gabe or he takes Vincent.

Cat tells Tess that she’s having doubts about the plan. Cat isn’t the only one, Tess says she doesn’t know if J.T. is the one.

Later, Cat spills Vincent’s blood around the city. But then changes her mind.

New York City – 1854

Alistair is released from the locked up cell. But it’s not good. The townspeople believe he’s the killer beast and burn him on a stake as Rebecca and the real beast watch from the sidelines.

Present Time

Cat returns to Vincent and releases him. She says Rebecca tried to protect Alistair but that was their undoing.

Cat and Vincent then find J.T. hanging and ripped apart by Gabe. J.T.’s in hypoglycemic shock and is taken to the hospital. Tess arrives distraught and heads in the ambulance with J.T. which leads Vincent on the hunt for Gabe, once again.

Vincent and Gabe finally meet up. They both turn into beasts and fight. Gabe almost kills Vincent but Cat manages to get the gem and the collar on Gabe. But he’s not done yet and attacks Cat–who manages to stab and kill Gabe.

The next day at the precinct, Cat drops off all the paperwork against Gabe to Captain Ward. She says Gabe injected himself with a cross species DNA serum. There will be an investigation but Vincent’s off the hook for now as Cat gets her NYPD badge back.

At the hospital, Cat & Vincent arrive as Tess tells them J.T. isn’t going to make it. But it turns out he’ll be fine. J.T.’s doctor is one of the government agents who exonerated Vincent and saved J.T.’s life. They want to recruit Cat & Vincent to help in the fight against other beasts and species who pose dangers to society.

Later, Cat & Vincent are finally able to spend time together in public as a couple. Vincent says if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be here. In return, Cat gets a kick-ass BF & bodyguard. Cat doesn’t want to think about the past or worry about the future. She wants to be Vincent in the present and they kiss.

Beauty and the Beast airs Mondays at 9/8c on the CW.


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