Recap: ‘The 100″ episode 10 “I Am Become Death”

The 100 just aired a new episode and in case you missed it, here’s our recap:

The exodus ship from the Ark has crashed landed and all that remains is wreckage from the fiery blast. Hydrazine is seeping from the ship and it’s highly toxic.

Back at camp, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) thinks Jasper (Devon Bostick) is lying about seeing grounders in the forest. But Monty (Christopher Larkin) assures her that Jasper’s a hero. Suddenly a rough looking Murphy (Richard Harmon) appears!

Murphy claims he was running from the grounders. He says he told the grounders “everything” about the 100. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) wants him interrogated. If he’s lying she wants Bellamy (Bob Morley) to kill him. Meanwhile, Jasper’s got a new admirer–Harper (Chelsea Reist).

Raven tells Clarke that there’s no signal from the Ark. Clarke starts bleeding from her eyes and others in the camp are infected. It turns out the grounders sent Murphy with a virus to infect the 100. One of 100 collapses and dies right in front of Bellamy, Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Murphy. Clarke organizes a quarantine for those who are infected. Octavia was the one who brought in Murphy but she’s not sick.

Octavia visits Lincoln and confronts him about sending a sick Murphy to her group. Lincoln says there’s no cure for the virus but it doesn’t last long. Lincoln’s group will attack the 100 the next day. Lincoln’s leaving and he wants Octavia to join him.

Meanwhile, it’s chaos at camp as Clarke gets weakened by the virus and Finn comes to her rescue. Octavia returns warning everyone about the grounders attacking the group. Finn gets the idea to build a bomb to destroy the bridge so the grounders can’t reach them. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) creates the bomb out of the hydrazine from the crash site.

Bellamy gets the virus as well and needs to be quarantined as Murphy’s doing well. Raven takes off to plant the bomb by herself at the bridge as Clarke and Bellamy bond in quarantine.

Finn and Jasper head out to find Raven who is starting to get sick as plants the bomb near the bridge. Finn rescues her as the grounders cross the bridge. Jasper’s out of gun powder as he tries to ignite the bomb, but Monty appears with a new gun. Jasper takes the shot and it activates the bomb and the blast is seen from camp.

Octavia visits Lincoln and tells him she’s not going with him. She gives him back his notebook filled with his drawings of her. She says her goodbyes and leave. In the end she can’t leave “her people.”

Monty, Jasper, Finn & Raven return to camp. Raven is quarantined. Finn tells Raven that he loves her but she says it’s not the same way that he loves Clarke. It turns out Murphy was right about the bridge but kills an ally, Connor. He was the one who tied Murphy to the tree when the 100 thought he had killed Wells (in the episode Murphy’s Law).

Tune in May 28th as The 100 continues with a new episode called “The Calm” at 9/8c on the CW.


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