Recap: ‘The 100’ episode 4 “Murphy’s Law”

The 100 just aired a new episode and in case you missed it, here’s our recap:

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) visits Wells’ (Eli Goree) grave as Finn (Thomas McDonell) sneaks up on her & gives her a gift: a pencil. Meanwhile, Monty (Christopher Larkin) gets the radio working. On Earth, Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) walking around and doing better.

On the Ark, Abby (Paige Turco) gets the news that Clarke’s been “terminated” but she isn’t buying it. Abby wants Raven (Lindsey Morgan) to hurry up with fixing the escape pod.

On Earth, Clarke figures out it was John Murphy (Richard Harmon) who killed Wells with proof that his knife was near Wells’ dead body. The group decides to “float” Murphy and hang him as Charlotte (Izabela Vidovic) confesses she killed Wells. Murphy gets rescued by Clarke.

Later, Bellamy (Bob Morley) tells Clarke that Charlotte misinterpreted his advice. When Murphy tries to harm Charlotte-she takes off with Clarke into the forest.

On the Ark, many inhabitants are quarantined due to oxygen deprivation. Raven tells Abby that Nigel has the pressure regulator they need for their escape pod. But unfortunately Raven can’t get the part so Abby gives Nigel morphine in exchange for the part.

On Earth, Finn along with Clarke and Charlotte wander the forest. Finn finds a new home for them–a sort of bunker. They find some belongings of the last people who lived there. Later, they discover Charlotte has left the bunker as Bellamy grabs her in the forest.

On the Ark, Nigel tells Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) that Abby & Raven wanted the pressure regulator. Kane then searches for Abby as she tells Raven to go in the escape pod and get to Earth.

On Earth, Bellamy & Charlotte are found by Murphy, Finn & Clarke. Murphy takes Clarke hostage as Charlotte jumps off the nearby cliff. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. Bellamy then attacks Murphy. Clarke breaks them apart saying they need rules and wants to banish Murphy.

On the Ark, Raven fixes the escape pod. She wears an astronaut-type suit and activates the escape pod headed to Earth. Abby watches on as Kane wants to know what’s she done.

On the Earth, Jasper is doing much better and tries to communicates with the Ark via Monty’s radio he fixed. But it malfunctions and sends news to the Ark that all the rest of the 100 are dead. Octavia tells Jasper that he was really brave and kisses him. Finn and Clarke head back to the bunker and he trashes the place. But Clarke calms him down and tells him he’s not alone and they make out!

Tune in April 16 at 9/8c for “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” as The 100 airs on the CW.


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