Recap: ‘Dallas’ season 3 episode 1 “The Return”

Dallas aired it’s season 3 premiere on February 24th and in case you missed it here’s our recap:

So where were we?

Roy Vickers (Alex Fernandez) gets killed in jail, and Elena Ramos’s (Jordana Brewster) brother Drew (Kuno Becker) is still missing. Harris Ryland’s (Mitch Pileggi) in alliance with Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) blew up the Ewing Energies rig, killing Pamela Barnes (Julie Gonzalo) and Christopher Ewing’s (Jesse Metcalfe) two unborn babies in the process. Pamela then marries John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) and Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) reads out J.R.’s plan for his surviving family against Barnes Global. Emma Ryland (Emma Bell) drugs her father Harris then she has him arrested for drug trafficking with the Mendez-Ochoa cartel!

Pamela tricks her father into heading to Mexico with her as police raid his office. Christopher now owns a third of Barnes Global thanks to his mother’s shares. John Ross marrying Pamela that makes two-thirds of Cliff’s company now under Ewing control. Cliff is arrested for killing J.R.! J.R. left a letter for Bobby explaining that he was dying of cancer, so he asked Bum (Kevin Page) to shoot him. and framed Cliff for his death!

Elena learns (via Cliff) J.R. stole her father’s land years ago. Later, Christopher goes to tell Elena he loves her but she visits her long time friend Joaquin in Mexico. Meanwhile, John Ross is up to his old tricks using Emma to bring down her father…

“The Return”

Bobby stops by the Ewing graveyard to see his brother, mother, father, and grandfather’s graves; telling them he will try not to disappoint them. John Ross and Emma hook-up. They find a letter giving Emma full control of Ryland Transport should her father be incapacitated. As John Ross is leaving the hotel he runs into Bum who presents J.R.’s prized belt-buckle. Later that night, John Ross meets up with wife Pamela and re-proposes to her with a giant diamond ring. She says yes!

John Ross finds his late father’s plans for renovating Southfork. Miss Ellie left half the ranch land to John Ross moves ahead with plans despite his Bobby’s objections. Christopher calls Elena but she’s still in Mexico and doesn’t answer. Turns out Cliff was right about J.R. switching deeds with her father’s oil rich land. Cliff was set up in J.R.’s death. He assures Elena he’ll be out of prison as he had nothing to do with J.R.’s death. Elena then agrees to be Cliff’s proxy for the last third of his company against the Ewings. She wants the justice she deserves.

Meanwhile, ranch hand Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) tells off her boss, Bo McCabe (Donny Boaz) in front of Christopher who is nearby chopping wood. Heather apologizes then rides off into the sunset. Elsewhere, Sue Ellen explains to John Ross that he needs to respect Bobby. Later, Sue Ellen wants the ranch to be the venue for Pamela & John Ross’ wedding.

Elena comes by to apologizes on behalf of herself and her brother. Elena tells Christopher she didn’t call him back as needed time to clear her head. Christopher wants to try again but has no idea that Elena is now working for Cliff Barnes. Elena says she thinks that they need more time to see if things will work out for them.

Later at Ewing Global, the family discusses arctic leases as they’re able to drill for both oil and methane. Christopher and John Ross will need ice-breaking cargo ships, which John Ross has already secured with Emma of Ryland Transport. They will sell some of Barnes Global to raise funds for the purchase.

Elena arrives and manages to sweet-talk her way back into the fold. Thus giving her access to all their current and future drilling plans. She then calls Cliff to tell him that she just got hired back to Ewing Global!

Cliff sends the new proxy Nicolás Treviño (Juan Pablo Di Pace) as the Ewings  do not have the rights to sell off Barnes Global! Nicolás explains Cliff was framed for J.R.’s death. After Nicolás leaves, Sue Ellen suggests to make him an ally. Christopher’s worried if Cliff can prove the Ewings framed him it could mean jail-time! Bobby assures him that Carlos Del Sol, Bum, and himself made sure their tracks were covered.

Emma tries to befriend Pamela as they have put their fathers in jail…but Emma’s shady! The next day, John Ross wants to drill on Southfork land as the oil has risen to the surface and he owns half of so he doesn’t need Bobby’s permission. Christopher says to get to that oil they will have to frack the land right under their cattle operation, shutting it all down.

John Ross tells Emma that he needs the contracts for the drilling ships and tankers sooner and they hook up-again! Sue Ellen sees her son exiting Emma’s room! But John Ross says he’s just “nailing” down those shipping contracts. Meanwhile, Ryland gets out of prison via his connection with the Mendez-Ochoa cartel. They remind Ryland they need their shipment in the next 24 hours or they’ll teach Emma a lesson she won’t soon forget!

Elena heads back to Mexico to meet up with Nicolás, who’s really her old friend Joaquin! He says he’ll stop at nothing to take down the Ewings for the death of her father. Elena’s family took in Joaquin as a poor lost boy. He wants to repay her for all that she and her family have done for him.

Tune in for next week’s episode “Trust Me” on March 3rd as Dallas airs at 9/8c on TNT.


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